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The Elestar core business is the manufacture and installation of:

  1. Plants for longitudinal high-frequency welding of pipe derived from the cold or hot  rolled strip steel.
  2. Medium frequency plants for the Bright Annealing of stainless steel tubes.

The high experience in the  induction field allows research, study and development of a wide range of plants for any kind applications.


Elestar manufactures and installs equipment for longitudinal  high-frequency welding of tubes derived from the cold or hot rolled strip steel cold.
The appropriate positioning of heating inductor  and versatility of tubes mills line, make possible the production of a wide range of welded tubes and profiles at very high speeds.
The quality of our products and the continued search for new solutions, make  possible to  welding tubes of aluminum, stainless austenitic and ferritic stainless steel, copper and brass.

The induction heating uses alternating current generated by high power electronic circuits. The range of frequencies used is between a few hundred Hz up to 2 MHz.


In the induction heating systems is used the medium frequency (the range of frequencies used is from few hundred Hz to 50 kHz) because the induced currents are spread  over depht in metals, thus allowing  to perform deeper heat treatments, such as:

  • Annealing in-line stainless steel tubes for the "BRIGHT ANNEALING" in a reducing atmosphere.
    These plants are able to perform annealing stainless steel white tubes  at a temperature of 1100 ° C and then cooling until the outlet temperature to about 50 - 100 ° C, all in-line and in a reducing atmosphere (hydrogen).
    Hardening in-depth of small or big special mechanical components.
    Annealing and deep heat treatments
    In line heating of large tubes or steel ropes, with high number of strands and important section.
    Core  heating of billets for an immediate forming in the press.
    Core heating of mechanical components for hot driving.
    Merged of precious metals into small crucibles (with  possible centrifugation) for the goldsmith and dental industy.
    Localised heating to facilitate  the gluing of metal components with resin.



We are in a position to supply all the accessories used as complementary applications for induction heating plans, e.g.:

Cooling evaporation towers, refrigerating units, heat exchangers.
Mechanical support of the HF output stage, adjustable on three orthogonal axes to better adapt the heating inductor to the production line.
Infrared pyrometric system for controlling and monitoring the welding and/or heating temperature.
Automatic electronic system for regulating the heating power according to the speed of the production line.
Customised inductor extensions, inductors and impeders.
Cabinets with sizes, connection characteristics and colour on request.
Mechanical equipment with computerised management for HF/MF output stage handling or for the material to be processed.
Restructuring studies and implementation for existing plants.




We are looking for AGENT in U.S.A.

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